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The intelligent camera system for vehicles with a big front section

Better vision, more safety: Fliegl Hawk

Junctions and exits are accident black spots. Every year people die because they are not seen by the drivers of agricultural vehicles. Fliegl Hawk wants to change that. The front-end camera system increases the safety of vehicles with a big front section, that is to say, with a large distance from the steering wheel centre to the front edge of the vehicle. Those vehicles are for example tractors with front mowers, road sweepers or other front-mounted equipment. No more blind spot but visibility, no more risk but safety!

Fliegl Hawk is constituted of two cameras: one monitors the left side, the other the right side in front of the vehicle. The cameras are not designed with a big opening angle (120°), they are however able to monitor a narrow road section extending further to the sides. In the tractor cab, the images delivered by both cameras in split-screen will be shown on a split monitor so that the driver is able to watch the area both left and right in front of his vehicle - a hawk-eyed device watching over the entire front of the vehicle!

The front-end camera system enables the driver to see what he would normally not see: when exiting a building, stables, plots and when turning into cross-roads and junctions where visibility is poor etc…the front area can be seen from afar. Cross-traffic at cross-roads and junctions allowing clear visibility will also be possible. Vehicles and pedestrians will never be ignored again, collisions will be avoided. The risk of accidents involving serious personal injury, but also material damage to houses, signs, lamps etc…. is significantly reduced.

Another great advantage: Fliegl Hawk replaces the signaller. According to road traffic regulations, vehicles with a lost load centre of over 3,5m should only be operated by a signaller who will ensure a safe manoeuvre when turning into cross-roads and junctions where visibility is poor. However the StVO (German road regulations) does allow the camera system. In other words, the Fliegl front-end camera system can do without a signaller. The driver is legally entitled to drive his vehicle with its front attachment.

Furthermore, the risk of accidents to himself and others is reduced, material damage is also prevented. The driver can confidently drive: the front area of his vehicle will always be visible.

The front-end camera system is easy and convenient1 to use. A single look at the split-screen is sufficient to assess a potential risk (left and right).

Agricultural vehicles will increasingly be stronger as well as bigger. Stronger motorisation means bigger power and bigger vehicle. The bigger the vehicle, the more difficult it is to drive safely. Dimensions increase but not the human angle of vision: this is why Fliegl Hawk makes sense. It increases the safety of bigger vehicles and reduces the likelihood of accident where it is high: at junctions. In that respect, Fliegl Hawk makes an important contribution to road safety.