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Combined transport and overhead loading procedures belong to the future

Logistics also develops alongside transport technology. Increasing harvest yields and other transport ways require a shift in thinking in the direction of combined transport and transfer procedure. For this the appropriate technology is required, Fliergl has this with:

  • The mobile universal overhead loading station
  • Push-off trailers with the new high power overhead loading screw conveyor

Mobile overhead loading station – the innovation in "Kombiverkehr" (combined transport)

Standard agricultural trailers behind tractors often restrict the logistical flow by the removal of chopped corn. The most significant weak link in the chain was the transfer of the harvested goods either in the field or on the edge of the field, into fast-moving transport vehicles such as HGVs, which then deliver the goods to far away silos, large biogas plants or cowsheds .

So called combined transport provides under such conditions for the quick transfer of the harvested goods. For this a hub, connecting link and buffer, also a technical innovation, is needed which improves the decisive logistics and also the harvesting procedure. The manufactures Fliegl Agrartechnik GmbH of , have found this with the mobile overhead loading station “Universal”, which can be quickly set-up and then moved, on the edge of a field.

The main advantages are soil protection, power and cost effectiveness: Agricultural vehicles with soil friendly low pressure tyres are exclusively used on the fields. You unload the harvested goods in the delivery bunker of the overhead loading station. From here it is loaded fully automatically into the HGV, which is parked on solid ground. The harvested goods are then transported at high speed to far away locations. Data based on practical use has shown that combined transport with HGVs is economically worthwhile at distances of over 15 km.

HGVs with high pressure tyres need no longer travel on fields used for harvesting, achieving an improvement in transport performance. This task is taken over by soil friendly transports such as the original push-off trailers and dumpers from Fliegl. There are no more deep tyre tread marks in the ground, which in the long term limits the capillary action in the ground and damages the fertility of the topsoil.

Mobile overhead loading station – the innovation in combined transport. It is composed of an intake bunker with moving floor and folding walls, feeder house, cradle frame (available with calibrated or non-calibrated weighing scales), control electronics with a touch screen,documentation system and a generator. The overhead loading station can load every high sided HGV, up to a height of about 5.00 m. The loading rate is up to 25 m3 per minute.

Its construction is also innovative: This makes its flexible use possible throughout the year in agricultural and commercial businesses. For example for the gathering and loading of usable residual materials that require loading and weighing at regular intervals, such as solid waste from gardens and biogas plants, pomace from fruit and vegetable juice manufacturers and old bread form industial bakeries etc.

Ideas and above all function make the Fliegl overhead loading station stand out. The moving floor of the input hopper feeds the sloping conveyor with the harvested goods in an optimized way. Only minimum power is required for this. The speed of the moving floor and with this the power of the unloading station adjusts to the weight of the harvested goods (higher speed for lighter produce, lower speeds for heavier produce).

Harvest vehicles and HGVs are equipped with simple “RFID tags”. The flow of the harvested goods is documented in an unbroken way. A calibrated weighing scales with tilt compensation, measures the weight and writes the required data to a USB stick, which can later be used for invoicing. The entire apparatus runs automatically. All functions can be controlled via a touchscreen.

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