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No losses, no smells

Fliegl brings nutrients to the root

Fliegl Agrartechnik presents a new disc cultivator that makes slurry disappear without trace. The nutrients get directly and fully in up to 15cm depth. Completely covered they can start to enfold their effect.

The principle of the new technology is based on the 510mm diameter discs which are mounted in an angle. They lift the ground before introducing the slurry and cover it again afterwards. The surface is hardly damaged, nutrients don’t get lost and annoying smells are not a topic anymore.

But the new disc cultivator from Fliegl excels also above ground. It is smooth-running and can be operated with comparatively small tractors saving fuel in the process. The 8m version was tested with a 150hp tractor and a 14.000l tanker. In comparison with standard cultivators Fliegl calculates that only one third of the force is needed to operate it while offering a better covering result in the field.

The 8m disc cultivator has an own weight of approx. 1.200kg. Wear and tear is minimized and the discs adapt to bumps of up to 250mm height. The distance between the discs can be chosen individually between 200 and 300mm.

With the new system Fliegl solves the problem of slurry application on grassland. The disc cultivator offers as good results here as on fields – it brings the nutrients loss free into the ground.