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Fliegl expands range with new livestock trailer

With the TTW 100 Noah and TTW 120 Noah, German-based trailer manufacturers Fliegl has expanded into the livestock sector. Cattle, pigs, goats, sheep or other animals can be transported from one place to another rapidly, safely and species-appropriately.

The animals can easily get on and off due to a tilting drawbar and another advantage is the
adjustable separator grid in the middle.
As a result the front part of the livestock trailer can be separated from the rear and unrest among
the animals is avoided. The separator grid also simplifies the loading and unloading of the
animals, while a separate side entry door assures the care of the animals even when the
separator grid is installed.

A flooring of screen printing plates is standard. To make the transport even more appropriate for
the animals, a rubber floor, apt for spreading of straw, is also available.
The sidewalls are built in the proven Fliegl segmental construction method. Optionally a tarpaulin
is also available.

The livestock transport vehicle TTW 100 Noah has a gross vehicle weight of 10,000 kg and a
drawbar load of 2,000 kg. The size of the platform is ca. 6,300mm x 2,380mm x 1,500mm.
The TTW 120 Noah has a gross vehicle weight of 12,000kg and a drawbar load of 2,000kg. The
size of the platform is ca. 8,300mm x 2,380mm x 1,500mm.