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Exciting Field Days for an international audience

Mühldorf. Around 130 international trading partners accepted the invitation to the two-day Field Days of Fliegl Agrartechnik to learn about new and improved products. Fourteen nations were represented at the headquarters of Europe's largest agricultural trailer manufacturer in Mühldorf am Inn, including Norway, Poland, Bulgaria and China.

They experienced a two-day demonstration of modern agricultural technology. Fliegl presented vehicles and equipment from its slurry portfolio, including manure hosing with the "Snake". Furthermore, the compact disc harrow "Maulwurf" in combination with a 16,000 liter ALPHA Line tanker as well as a Polyline pump tanker with the 15 meter trailing shoe spreader “Skate” could be seen in operation. Transfer augers and belts as well as transfer vehicles proved Fliegl's competence in the high-performance agricultural logistics. In addition, the trade visitors saw bale transport trailers with and without load securing and various spreader systems in use. The push-off manure spreader ADS160 celebrated its premiere as it was presented for the first time. Another highlight was the demonstration of the new Fliegl BÜFFEL, a transfer/loading vehicle for grassland harvesting.

In addition to a variety of product demonstrations, the exchange of ideas and experiences also played an important role during the field days. "Every country has its own requirements and therefore it is very important to us to optimally adapt our products to the respective market. This is only possible with strong partners, because they are very close to the users of our products, they give us valuable feedback for research and development ", says Josef Fliegl jun., Managing Director of Fliegl Agrartechnik GmbH.

The Fliegl Field Days were not only a competitive exhibition of innovative agricultural technology, but also a communication forum for dealers and representatives of a globally active family business.