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Complete family of solidly constructed connectors available.

ISOBUS Plug Connector ConBlue

The Fliegl ISO ConBlue plug connectors will be available as a complete family. Cable plug and cable socket as well as flange plug and flange socket. A prefabricated cable with corresponding plug and socket which reduces the maintenance requirement if the cable is damaged. New cables do not need to be wired using special tools, as has been the case till now, they just need to be pushed into the relevant connection. The special characteristics of the new ISO ConBlue plug connectors offer a whole range of advantages:


With the ISO ConBlue plug connector the connecting wires are not inside a hollow component, but automatically coated in plastic using an injection technique, which means they are completely coated and held solid with no spaces between. Because of the plastic coating they are completely leak proof, without any hollow gaps. Because of this no more condensation can form. Even slight outer damage and abrasions have little effect on the plug connectors ability to remain impermeable.

Tensile strength:

ISO ConBlue plug connectors have high tensile strength, instead of using simple terminals the spayed on plastic coats the whole area of the cable ends including each individual wire and so gives ideal protection from pulling and vibration not only for the cable plug and cable socket but also for the flange plug and flange socket.

Breaking strength:

ISO ConBlue plug connectors are made solid and are much more break resistant than existing aluminum or zinc die cast plug connectors that have a hollow space inside and can easily break under loading or impact. In addition to this ISO ConBlue plug connectors save time when in use. They have an incorporated “landing point” for spring-loaded protective caps. These protective caps pockets prevent the caps becoming dirty when in operation. It is no longer necessary to clean the cables after they have been removed. A “pull horn” behind the protective cap makes in much easier to plug-in and pull out the connector from the socket. This serves not only to orientate the plug connector when plugging-in but also removes the strain on the cables when unplugging from the socket. Fliegl will offer a complete set (family) of ISO ConBlue plug connectors, this will consist of the ISO ConBlue cable plug and socket as well as the ISO ConBlue flange plug and socket. The individual ConBlue cable plugs and sockets can be converted to ISOBUS connecting cables (Con-Blue), by using special cable looms. This is dependent on the requirements of the manufacturer of ISOBUS components and the agricultural practice. A particular highlight is the fact that the cable is protected in a protective tube, which is also injected into the the plug. This makes considerable cost saving for manufacturers, dealers, farmers and contractors, likewise the storage provision of cables in lengths of 2.0, 3.0, 5.0, 7.0 and 10.0 m.

Technical Details