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Simple technology, ingenious application:

Silver medal for Fliegl Tracker

A beacon is technically a relatively simple system – a small Bluetooth transmitter in a box, some batteries, done. In certain intervals, the beacon sends its ID which can be received and detected by antennas at close range. A beacon will cost about 25 Euros and can be mounted almost anywhere.

As simple as beacons are, their application possibilities are amazing.

Fliegl realized its beacon-based vehicle detection system “Fliegl Tracker” with them  and has been awarded a Silver medal for this innovative solution by a n expert’s commission set up by the DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft – German Agricultural Society).

The example of grain harvest illustrates its functionality: Mounted on combine harvesters and trucks (for road transportation), Fliegl beacons allow to clearly identify each harvesting vehicle while a transfer vehicle functions as the intermediate node. Equipped with the Fliegl Weighing System FWS, the transfer vehicle can detect via communication between beacon and antenna from which combine harvester it is loaded and in turn which truck it is loading on. So far, this association has not been legally reliable and could not be documented sufficiently. “Fliegl Tracker” fills this gap. With this innovation, the grain’s path from the field to the warehouse can be fully traced. This is a big step in the general trend towards digital harvest, the Digital Cropping.

Food safety is a pressing issue. The question of an ironclad proof of origin concerns politics, industry and last but not least consumers. In this context, any contribution to bridge the information gap in food production is significant. Fliegl sees its beacon-based vehicle detection system as a step towards an even better harvest documentation and thus to increased food safety.

The benefits of the “Fliegl Tracker” are not limited to harvesting only. In fact, it is rather a universal system which can close information and documentation gaps of many different kinds. Besides harvesting, it is in particular fertilization combined with a complete documentation of liquid manuring and nutrient data which plays a key role. The “Fliegl Tracker” is an important element in order to make the agricultural cycle transparent in its entirety.

Beacons combine many advantages: they are small, lightweight, cost-efficient and virtually maintenance-free. They can be used in vehicles of all manufacturers and are independent of onboard electronics. This modern technology is even suitable for old vehicles. A great asset of the beacons is their non-manual operation: The communication between beacon and antenna is aligned automatically. Manual errors can be excluded and the vehicle detection means no additional effort for the driver.

Beyond that, the Fliegl beacons are able to increase safety in the harvesting process: The Fliegl FWS can be expanded so that each truck equipped with beacons can be associated with a record of its respective payload. The FWS-transfer vehicle can then carry out loading automatically: A quantity X is automatically and accurately transferred to the truck at the touch of a button. Via load-sensing control block or via ISOBUS automation and tractor control unit the grain slide is automatically closed upon reaching the permissible quantity per truck.

Overloading of trucks no longer takes place. The positive effects are obvious: Trucks which are not overloaded are not damaged and do not cause damage to the road. The road safety increases. Exploiting loading capacities very precisely increases transport efficiency and saves resources.

It is clearly important to make the production of foodstuffs transparent and traceable. Complete documentation is essential and the beacon-based vehicle detection system “Fliegl Tracker” gets you one step closer to it - and thus also closer to the major goal: more food safety.

Fliegl  Tracker – The benefits at a glance:

“Fliegl Tracker” is a non-manual system: Manual labor is eliminated. No effort for the driver.
“Fliegl Tracker” is unsusceptible to errors: Errors caused by manual input do not exist and thus do not have to be corrected elaborately.
“Fliegl Tracker” is based on a simple technology: By using beacons, Fliegl consciously focuses on a technically straightforward system. Beacons are simple, highly reliable transmitters.
“Fliegl Tracker” is manufacturer-independent: Beacons are suitable for every vehicle, no matter how old it is, no matter of which manufacturer. Fleets of different manufacturers can easily be upgraded. 
“Fliegl Tracker” is easy to install: Beacons are small, lightweight, waterproof, battery-operated and independent of onboard electronics and power supply (voltage).
“Fliegl Tracker” requires very little maintenance: Except for the battery change, which the beacon user can carry out himself, beacons require no maintenance and therefore cause no maintenance costs.
“Fliegl Tracker” increases safety in the harvesting process: for each truck equipped with beacons a record can be created in the job computer that associates its respective payload. The loading process can then be automatically carried out from the FWS transfer vehicle: only exact amounts are loaded and no truck is overloaded anymore.
Fliegl Tracker is cost-efficient: With a unit price of approximately 25 euros, beacons are not expensive. A complete harvesting fleet can be upgraded at low cost.